Every day, we work with a variety of different conditions that can affect your daily life.  Among those are lordosis (sway back), TMJ disorder, sciatica, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and migraines. We work with you to determine the best course of massage treatment to benefit you the most. Therapeutic massage is incredibly beneficial to the body. It can increase blood flow, reduce stress and tension, increase mobility, decrease pain and tenderness, relieve feelings of anxiety and nervousness, lower blood pressure, increase healing after an injury, accident or surgery, improve posture and best of all, promote relaxation. 

At Harmony Massage & Wellness, we don't treat all of our clients the same. We treat each client like they are our only client. We customize a treatment plan specifically for each client's needs and their particular problem areas. We will integrate all areas of our training and expertise to assist our client's in the best possible way through massage. We believe that everyone can benefit from massage and our goal is to treat you with kindness, understanding and care to give you the best experience.

About us

Our mission at Harmony Massage & Wellness is to bring the body back into Harmony and Balance through therapeutic massage techniques. We are certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release. We also offer Reflexology of the hands and feet as well as Sports Therapy and Pregnancy Massage. We integrate each of these types of massage into each treatment to give each client the best results during their session.

Massage and Wellness