Massage and Wellness

A massage is one of the most positive things you can do for yourself. There are so many benefits of receiving a regular, monthly massage. It can help to improve your quality of sleep, ease your pain,manage anxiety and depression, help to ease the discomfort of cancer treatment, help ease headache pain and menstrual cramps; it will help to improve your range of motion.

It is our goal here at Harmony to give you the best experience and help to alleviate your pain. We offer a six month and a twelve month program tailored with you in mind. Not only will you receive your monthly massage at the reduced rate of your selected plan, but each additional massage that month will be at your rate. On top of that, any gift certificates you purchase throughout your plan period will be at your discounted rate.

We know that committing to six or twelve months is a hard thing to do without a trial. We would love for you to come in and try us out! Feel free to call us and schedule your appointment today.

Taking time for you is sometimes a very difficult thing to do. But it is something that should be done not only for your mental health, but for the health of your body as well. That is why a monthly massage is so incredibly important. It is a time for you to relax, heal your mind and body and be rejuvenated.

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands or ears.  It is a very effective way to alleviate stress. Learn More Here

Pregnancy Massage

Sports Therapy

A Sports massage is optimal to assist healing injuries as well as a preventative treatment dealing with the health of muscle, tendon, ligament and connective tissue, range of movement, tone, balance of muscle and quality of posture. Learn More Here

One of the most beneficial times for massage may be during pregnancy. A pregnancy massage typically lasts an hour. Some therapists use a pregnancy massage table. Learn More Here

Reflexology Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy is the three-dimensional application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascial system in order to eliminate restrictions that are impeding progress. Learn More Here

Services Offered

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

Neuromuscular Therapy, or NMT, works with pain points, called Trigger Points, to relieve pain and tension in the body.  It works with muscles, tendons and connective tissue to balance the body. Learn More Here

Myofascial Release Therapy

Health Maintenance